Inaugurare la versiune românească[]

Pe data de 23 iunie 2007 s-a creat versiunea în limba română de Wikicumsă. moa3333 24 iunie 2007 17:06 (UTC)

New skin[]

So you probably noticed Wikia shoved a new skin on us, Quartzsmoke Quartzslate. I thought it was really ugly and very confusing. But i significantly modified The English page w:c:en.howto, and I think it looks good. Let me know what you think. ZyMOS 14 octombrie 2007 03:55 (UTC)

They finally enabled us to set our own default Quartz, skin, so i set the en:wikihowto's default to quartzslate. I think its the best of all of them, and its the one i configured.... ZyMOS 18 octombrie 2007 05:01 (UTC)